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Night to Shine Volunteer 2023

2/10/2023 @ 6:00 PM
Whittier Area Community Church
Night to Shine 2023

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Hello Awesome Volunteer! 

     I wanted to touch base with all my amazing volunteers! Thank you so much for being a part of this wonderful event! We are so excited to welcome 250 awesome guests with special needs to our campus on February 10th. As you await more information on where you'll be volunteering please choose one of these dates to attend our volunteer training! We have our 1 hour volunteer trainings on 1/25 7pm, 1/31 5:30pm, 2/1 7pm and 2/5 1pm at WACC.  All are the same training, just pick the date that works best with your schedule! We will go over expectations, the event schedule and job duties.  We need everyone over 18 years old (who has not been livescanned at WACC already) to be livescanned. Here is a link for those over 18 years old to sign up to be livescanned at WACC as soon as possible.  (its free, just sign up here) https://wacclivescan.as.me/schedule.php#  We will need volunteers over 18 years old to also complete a Mandatory Reporter Training. This is completed on your own time through an email sent to you by our HR. 

We will be sending more information. But in the meantime please invite anyone interested in volunteering to sign up as soon as possible. www.wacc.net/night-to-shine 

Also, to donate items you can find our list here! https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/3LOZQ8GTDKZTW?ref_=wl_share


       Jessica Jeanblanc 

WACC Director of Access Ministry 

*Date of Birth:
Parent Name (if under 18):
Parent Phone (if under 18):
*Emergency Contact during event:
*Emergency Contact Phone:
Background Checks are required for ALL volunteers over the age of 18. 

*Have you ever completed a Livescan with WACC?:
If you are under the age of 18, a permission slip must be signed by your parent or guardian is required to volunteer. 

I have volunteered at Night to Shine before:
Additional Comments? Want to be a Team Lead? Able to donate towards this event? Let us know here!:
Night To Shine Buddy-

Every guest will have an one to one buddy to accompany them through their evening. You will join them on the red carpet, eat dinner, dance and hang out with them all night! It is amazing!

Guest Goodie Bag Stuffing Team-

Work with a few others to put party favors in Night To Shine goodie bags this will be done following the first Night To Shine Training

Hair or Make Up Volunteer- 

You will freshen up the guests hair and make up after they check in and before they go down the Red Carpet.

Shoe Shine Volunteer- 

You will shine the gentlemen's shoes before they head down the red carpet

Limo Volunteer- 

 You will escort our guests into the Limo to be taken to the Red Carpet. 

Décor Team

Décor Set-Up Team — Set up assigned décor such as balloons, banners, red carpet, decorative lighting, photo booth and parking lot decor. Note: This volunteer role will occur before the event on the evening of Thursday, February 9th and during the day on Friday, Feb 10th.
Red Carpet Cheering Team

Cheer and celebrate our guests as they walk the red carpet.
Karaoke Room Team 

Monitor the karaoke room encouraging the guests to sing and engage with guests in a fun environment.

Photography Team

Paparazzi Team — Take photographs and treat guests like celebrities and VIPs. Please provide your own camera. 

Social Media Photographer  Take high quality photos to send to Jessica Jeanblanc for social media use
Medical Team

You will work with others to provide basic first aid and care for any medical needs or emergencies. You will rotate through different areas throughout the evening- from bathroom, dance floor, red carpet and karaoke areas. 
Food Team 

Assist caterer with food, set up food, dessert, drinks in the main area or in the respite room. Help clean plates and trash throughout the evening.
Respite Room Team 

Take care of parents and caretakers by serving food, spending time getting to know them and being available to pray with them.
Safety and Parking Team 

Provide a safe and secure environment through the campus and parking lot. Be on rotation between main event space, parking lot, bathroom and outside areas.  
Guest Check In Team 

Assist with guest check in, greet and welcome guests, help guide them on where to go next. After check in you will help with handing out goodie bags at the end of the evening.
Volunteer Check In Team

Assist with volunteer check in, greet and welcome volunteers, help guide them on where to go next. After check in you will help with handing out goodie bags at the end of the evening.

Encouragement Card Writer-
Write loving, encouraging positive notes to our guests to be included in their goodie bags. Pick up notecards on the patio at Night To Shine table.

Fundraise and donate- 

Seek out donations from local vendors- cash, gift cards or products, and donate to WACC for Night To Shine or shop from Amazon Night To Shine wishlist. See website at www.wacc.net/night-to-shine
Please check top 3 roles you are interested in
Encouragement Card Writer:
Night to Shine Participant (Guests & Volunteers) Media Rights Release 

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