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UNION Creative Music

UNION Creative is always looking for more musicians to join the band. Are you an accomplished guitar player, drummer, or keyboard player? Fill out this form to set up an audition!
Whittier Area Community Church
Worship & Creative Arts

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Thank you for your interest in joining UNION Creative.  We ask that all interested go through an audition process that allows us to determine if your skill level meets our requirements and/or if we believe this team would be a good fit for you.  

To begin this process, please fill out the short form below.  Once you have done so, please follow the instructions at the bottom regarding your video audition.  Once we have received both, we will be in touch regarding next steps in the audition process.  

If you have any questions along the way, please feel free to send your questions to auditions@wacc.net

*Primary Instrument:
If other, please list below:
*How long have you been playing your primary instrument?
Do you play any other instruments?  If so, please list them in the field below.
*Have you had any professional training (i.e. lessons, classes, workshops)
If yes, please explain:
*Have you had any previous experience playing your instrument in a group
If yes, please explain:
*Please list some of your musical/creative influences
*How long have you been coming to WACC?
*Are you currently involved in any other Go Teams at WACC?
If yes, please explain:
*Would you be able to commit to serving at both gatherings (9:30a, 11:00a) on Sunday?
*How often would you be available to serve?
*Please tell us about your faith.  Are you committed to following Jesus?   Are you uncertain where you are at?  Are you growing in your faith?  Don't worry, there isn't a "right" answer.


After submitting this form, please submit a video including all songs, with their specified sections, listed under the area you are auditioning for.  If you would like to audition for multiple areas, please submit videos for each. 

Please submit all videos via YouTube.  When uploading your audition video, please set the privacy setting to "UNLISTED" and title your video "YOUR NAME - UNION Creative - AUDITION".  Once you have uploaded your audition video, please email the link to auditions@wacc.net

Once we have reviewed your form submission and audition video, we will be in touch regarding next steps.  We are excited to see what God is doing in your life and we hope that this team is a good fit for you!

  • "Calm the Storm" - UNION Creative: Chorus 2 to the end
  • "See A Victory" - Elevation Worship: Chorus 1 to the end
  • "Echo" - Elevation Worship (feat. Tauren Wells): Verse 2 to the end
  • "Change Us" - UNION Creative: Bridge to the end
Electric Guitar:
  • "One More Move" - UNION Creative: Intro / Verse 1
  • "Love So Great" - Hillsong Worship: Intro / Verse 1 / Chorus
Acoustic Guitar:
  • "Do it Again - Live Acoustic Session" - Elevation Worship: Intro to the end of Chorus 1
  • "War" - UNION Creative: Intro to the end of Chorus 1
  • "Way Maker" - Passion: Intro / Verse 1 / Chorus
  • "Change Us" - UNION Creative: Whole Song
  • "Build My Life" - Passion: Verse 2 / Chorus / Bridge
  • "Change Us" - UNION Creative: Whole Song
  • "Calm the Storm" - UNION Creative: Whole Song
  • "King of Kings" - Hillsong Worship: Verse 2 / Chorus

**Note: All of these songs, and the arrangements listed, can be found wherever you listen to music.  Additionally, chord charts can be found on any of these artists websites.